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Top Reasons to Buy Used Parts

Every vehicle is different, but one thing they all share is the stringent dedication to quality from their manufacturers. All vehicles undergo a rigorous engineering process, where the manufacturer decides that specific parts are needed in order for the vehicle to operate normally. These auto parts are made to a very specific standard of operation and materials set forth by the manufacturer. While new, aftermarket parts labeled OEM are engineered to operate the same, the materials used and overall build quality is not always up to the original manufacturer's standards.

  1. Better Prices

    Buying used car parts saves money. Whether you’re in a bind or you just can’t justify the cost, most used parts will save you over 50% of new prices. For the price of most aftermarket, knock off parts, you can return your vehicle to its original condition with the same parts it came with.

  2. Better Quality

    Most new parts are not original, nor are they made by the original manufacturer. They are simply made to function the same as original, meaning they likely are not built with quality components. Keep your vehicle up to par with parts that not only function as original, but are built with the same quality.

  3. Preserve Classics

    The primary goal of Powerline Auto Recyclers is to keep the cars that our customers love on the road. Many of the vehicles we provide parts for are now either considered classics or are getting hard to find, by dismantling these cars completely, we offer a wide selection of parts that are discontinued or simply not available.

  4. Better Service

    We are more than happy to go out of our way to assist all of our customers. We love hearing about each vehicle, the story behind it and our customers’ ideas for them. Every customer and vehicle is unique, we are here to help you whether you have questions about fitment, modifications or just want to tell somebody about your awesome car. Call us anytime!

  5. Guaranteed

    Most companies offering used parts are not willing to guarantee them. We are. All of our parts are sold as “good working condition” unless specifically noted otherwise. We guarantee our parts will meet your needs or you can return them for a full refund. Even if you’ve purchased an item by mistake, we are happy to help.

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