Damage: LH / Mech
Mileage: 223,460
Engine: K20A2
Transmission: 6 Speed



So we’ve been clearing out some old stock lately, we’ve been sitting on this car for a long, long time. It’s kind of a sad story, we purchased it as a running, driving RSX Type S. However, once it arrived we quickly discovered it did not run and drive; primarily due to the rod that was thrown through BOTH sides of the block…. Yeah, it was bad. So we set it out in the yard and never really messed with it again. Well, here she is. Mechanically unsound, but that only means that this is your chance to get cheap K20A2 parts that are untested (could very well be within factory spec, but who’s to say? Not this guy.) All of our untested parts are sold as-is, including the K20A2 head, 6 speed transmission and many other mechanical parts. Unfortunately for you, the fenders, lights, body panels, electronics, glass and interior tested just fine. 😉 Unfortunately for us, does it have a 3rd gear grind? That’s not for us to decide.

So call us up, shoot us an email, you know the drill… MAKE AN OFFER!!