Damage: Right
Mileage: 125,097
Engine: 3.5L
Transmission: Automatic



Next up we’ve got a 2005 G35, silver with 125K miles. Automatic, car started right up and would have driven if the passenger front suspension wasn’t broken. However, it did get up on jack stands and hit 100MPH in the air, so the drive train is in good working order. There was some noise from the water pump, so if you purchase this engine, get that replaced. The interior was actually in very good shape, but we had to remove a lot of it to get the car started as it came to us without a key; so of course we tripped the security system and had to swap in a new ignition setup. Fun stuff, but everything checked out. Somebody took very good care of this car, until they sideswiped something, nice black interior, K&N cold air intake, forged 19″ wheels, good silver panels.. And much more. Also, don’t forget that we knocked out a pair of these cars, this one (#3733) and another gold 2005 auto G-coupe (#9875). Call, text, email or write a letter. 402-658-9767.. Powerline86@yahoo.com …