Damage: Front/Mech
Mileage: 41,073
Engine: Theta G4KF
Transmission: 6 Speed Manual


Happy New Year!! We’re kicking off 2016 in style with this beautiful red 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe R-Spec. This car came to us running and driving, but upon closer inspection it had broken a of piston ring somewhere in its short life (owner drove with loose insulator covering #4 spark plug gap!) Prior to us discovering this, the car would still pin you to your seat, very aggressive and sporty. There is some light body damage to the R-Spec Genesis Coupe, key marks on body panels and headlights, looks like the front bumper caught hold of a curb, small ding in the trunk deck, but that’s it. The rest of this car is beautiful and luckily much of the paint has been preserved under a single coat layer of Plasti-Dip! (For whatever reason..) All electronics work perfectly, drove smooth, shifted great, only 41,073 miles, Brembo 4-piston brakes on all corners, turbo spooled quickly to factory 15PSI. Very, very nice car and pieces are already flying off the shelf, so get it on this one quick because these R-Spec parts are not fun to find.

Happy 2016 from Powerline Auto Recyclers.