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Welcome to the new Powerline Auto Recyclers website; if you’ve ever been here before, you may have noticed… It didn’t work! We’ve rebuilt this new site from the ground up to be faster, more secure and easier to use.

Search is faster, images are faster, pages are faster… Everything is faster, that was our main concern when building this website. Our old website used too many extensions.. Sliding pictures here and there, sliding this and that all over. Everything had a slider, which slowed down load times significantly.

The new design is much simpler, while still maintaining many of the modern features users are accustomed to on the internet such as interactive maps, live-predictive search with images, image galleries with full zoom (up to 1600 pixels!), shopping filters and more… And yes, there’s still sliders. 🙂

So why all the fuss about our new website? Because it’s the opportunity for you to save even more with Powerline Auto Recyclers. We have been selling on eBay for over a decade, doing our best to keep our prices competitive and when you shop directly through us, you instantly save! Avoiding eBay allows us to mark item prices down on our website while still offering the same warranty, return policy and guarantee that we do on eBay. We’d love to prove to you that our website really is a big deal for you, so give it a try. It’s easy and fast.





Other new and notable features:

  • Deposits & payments — even more chance to get the hard-to-find part you need… That only comes up at the worst possible times. Lock it in with a low down payment, pay weekly or monthly for 1, 3 or 6 months! No approval or credit needed! (Down payments are non-refundable!)
  • Social login — no need to remember a username and password, login with your Facebook, Twitter or Google account to check your order status, edit shipping details and more. Guest checkout is also always an option.
  • SMS notifications — enter your cell phone number into your address to be notified via text message when your order ships.
  • Order tracking — shipment information is added to your order once it’s completed, you can find all tracking numbers on the order page as well as track the packages from the same screen.


These are just some of the new features of the Powerline Auto Recyclers website that we’re excited about, there’s more to come. We have big plans for publishing new, original content to keep you updated about what we’re doing, our own shop projects and cars as well as sharing some of our expertise in the form of instructional videos to help you get your project or car repair completed as easily as possible.

So stay tuned, follow us on social media and keep up to date with our inventory… We stock many used auto parts from high demand import (and domestic) sport coupes, but everything is first come, first serve… And many of the rare, hard to find parts are sold immediately! We also have a wide selection in our warehouse that is not in our inventory, don’t be afraid to contact us and ask us for a part that you don’t see on our website. We just might have it. So don’t miss your chance to get your car driving, feeling and looking like it used to.

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